Interior Cleaning Tips

The interior decoration with furniture furniture will make your living space more luxurious. But with the impact of external factors, your wood furniture will not be as original. The problem is that we have to do to regain the inherent beauty of wood without spoiling the paint on the surface of wood.
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With simple tricks cleaning the furniture in your home becomes very easy.

1. Brighten the varnish layer on the wood

Even if the wood has been painted Varnishes, but if you do not care about cleaning, you will lose the shine, to regain the shine as when you first bought you can use some milk wipes on the varnish, to dry Then use a soft cloth dipped in water to clean. The special point of using milk is the varnish on your wood will be hard and shiny as before .. However, thoroughly clean the milk to avoid attracting insects such as ants and cockroaches.

Another popular way is to use Farafin beer or oil. Take a soft sheet of canvas or farafin oil, wipe the surface of the wood to remove the stain for a long time. If you use farafin oil, it should be noted that when it is dry, wipe with oil with a regular cloth to polish the desired brightness.

2. Clean furniture does not brush varnish

Mix vinegar with water in a ratio of ¼ vinegar and ¾ water. Spot the solution on wood, dilute vinegar solution to effectively remove long-term stain. Then use soft cloth to absorb tea or green tea to clean several times.

3. Remove stains caused by flies

Mix rice flour or flour with cooking oil. Mix the mixture thoroughly and then beat the thick, doused up the dirt and then clean with water.

4. Degreasing oil stains, tea stains, fresh water.

Remove the white beeswax with a few drops of cooking oil. After the mixture mixed together to rub on the stain. The effect is very good.

5. How to preserve wood

- Frequent dirt, if living in the inner city, it is best to close the door to prevent dust to dirty the house, limit the sunlight directly into the furniture in the house.

- Use a soft cloth to clean furniture, do not use coarse cloths or resilient fabrics, avoid scratching the surface.

- In cases where the furniture is cracked, the liquid glue is mixed with thin sawdust and then plastered to open, it should be noted that the room temperature is too high or too low are the main cause of furniture cracking.

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