How To Paint For A Simple And Effective Wood

Primer is an indispensable component to make wood products durable, beautiful. Therefore, the use of non-wood primers does not only make the surface of the wood become ugly, rugged not smooth but also affect the durability of wood objects.
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Coatings will help your home's wooden items have a smooth surface, more beautiful shadows, the lines still retain the natural beauty of wood. But you do not know how to use the primer effectively to meet the standards that manufacturers give and you hope, for that reason, today opecpaint.com.vn will share with How to paint the wood in the simplest and most effective way!



Step one: Thoroughly polish the wood surface

If you want your finished wood products to be as smooth as you want, you should be careful, invest time to polish the surface of wood products thoroughly. You can use sandpaper (paper) to polish the surface of wood products. However, you should note that the sanding base is too long, as this will cause the indentations to lose the appearance of the wood surface compared to the original and when applying the primer, the paint will Not as uniform as you want.

If the surface of the wood has experienced the paint, you should carefully sanding to thoroughly remove the old paint, avoid over-painting will be blistered.

Step 2: Clean the dirt thoroughly

In order for the primer to be glossy, when it is touched, it is a smooth hand. Before cleaning the primer you need to clean it to remove dirt for the wood surface. For the cleaning work to be effective and fastest, the wood paint experts recommend using a wet cloth to wipe through and then continue to use a dry cloth to ensure the surface of the wood. Get rid of all dirt. This will make the primer firmer against the surface.

Step 3: Carry out the wood primer

After you have completed the first step and the second step, you can proceed immediately to the primer for wood.

In order to ensure that the coating process is as smooth as possible, it is recommended to use a small roller to paint a primer on the surface in case the roller is difficult to reach. You can use a small paintbrush to paint and the areas of the carved niche. After the paint has been applied, it is recommended that the paint be dried according to the time specified by the manufacturer and specified on the product packaging and then continue to use sandpaper to smooth the wood surface to be glossy or lacquered. lumps in the process of painting and finally cleaning the surface with a soft cloth.

In addition to the proper application of the priming process, the selection of quality wood-based products for flooring is also critical to the beauty and quality of wood products. .

So if you are wondering how to choose a safe quality paint line between many paint lines today, please contact opecpant.com.vn we are committed to always bring you the products. Premium quality wood paintings at affordable prices. OPEC PAINT believes that "Your trust is our measure of success."

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